What We DO

What We DO

  • AB Farms is an agricultural technology company that provides innovative hydroponic turnkey solutions.
  • We design, manufacture, install hydroponic systems and also provide after sales support and maintenance services.
  • We enable farmers to increase their crop production while reducing the amount of land, electricity and water used per kg.

At a time when electricity in South Africa is becoming more expensive and more unreliable due to power failures. It is becoming economically unsustainable to operate hydroponic systems continuously over extended periods of time. Particularly, during power failures, when generators have to stand in for conventional electricity.

We have, hence, designed a pipe system that allows the plant to have access to water continuously even though the irrigating system is off due to power shortages, pump failure or any other reason. The system essentially allows for plants to be irrigated periodically, as opposed to continuously, thus reducing the amount of energy required per kg produced.

Our modular pipe system allows for effective hydroponics farming at virtually any scale. The system allows for farming of green leafy crops using 10 times less space, up to 90% less water in a virtually pesticide free environment, virtually anywhere. The units of the proposed system are also stackable, which further enables efficient decentralized and localized urban farming


  1. Design and Build

Determination of design requirements:

  • Output requirements (Type of crop, Kgs produced per planting cycle)
  • Operating conditions (water, energy, nutrient requirements)
  • Level of Automation

Building of agreed upon design specifications:

  • Installation and commissioning of system
  • Training of staff to operate system successfully
  1. Operate (Optional)

Contract farming

  • We also continuously setting up and operating our own farms.
  • Under certain conditions we are able to operate the farm on your behalf.
  1. Maintain
  • Post sales support (agri-tech consulting)
  • Continued maintenance
  • Retraining of Staff