Welcome To AB Farms
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Welcome To AB Farms
Official Website

Innovative hydroponics solutions to small scale & commercial

We have designed a pipe system that allows the plant to have access to water continuously even though the irrigating system is off due to power shortages, pump failure or any other reason. The system essentially allows for plants to be irrigated periodically, as opposed to continuously, thus reducing the amount of energy required per kg produced.





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We strive to become a globally sustainable agricultural technology company that provides and uses industry leading solutions to cultivate and process highly nutritious, fresh and tasty high value crops; availing them to our clients at fair prices, alongside unparalleled customer service.


At AB Farms, we are inspired by the food security crisis within South Africa and beyond our borders. We aspire to address this concern in two ways (1) by providing innovative and sustainable vertical farming solutions that enable the production of crops in urban environments (2) by continuously increasing and stabilizing the total food supply; and by so doing, create of wealth and prosperity for all.

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